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Shawn Harper

Author, Speaker and CEO of Bridge Builders International LLC
Columbus, OH

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About Shawn Harper

Shawn Harper is a former NFL offensive lineman with the Rams, the Colts, and NFL Europe. He is a junior college Hall of Famer at NIACC and was drafted to the NFL from Indiana University, Bloomington, where he earned a degree in criminal justice and sociology.

He has directed a security business for nearly 20 years in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. American Services and Protection is among the largest minority-owned security service providers in Ohio. Shawn has worked with corporate audiences at Dow, Sonic, JP Morgan Chase, Star Financial, FedEx, Proctor & Gamble, and many more.

He’s the author of two power-packed books available on Amazon: The Winning Edge – 8 Principles That Will Bring Out the Winner in You, and The Winologist.

Shawn grew up with 5 siblings in a single-parent household after divorce plunged the family into poverty. He was failing in school due to 5 documented learning disabilities and a debilitating stutter. An average football player with no accolades, he was even voted “Most likely to fail” in his graduating class. Shawn Harper was on the road to becoming another inner-city statistic but chose a new journey by shifting to a winner’s mindset! Shawn learned that he wasn’t disabled; instead, he was uniquely enabled. He made it his mission to help others get out of their own way and equip them with the mindset of Playing to Win!

Shawn Harper now travels the world to both Live and Virtual Events helping men and women personally and professionally to use adversity as a tool to unlock their full potential. With unique insights, powerful principles, and mindset transformation, they will be equipped with actionable steps in envisioning and living their dreams now!

Speaking Topics

Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Teamwork

Specialized Topics

To Win or Not to Win, that is the Question: In this talk Shawn Harper shows men and women both personally and professionally how the post- COVID culture is suffering from a loss in momentum, motivation, and morale. He points out the decrease in creativity and productivity, resulting in a devastating impact on the bottom line. Shawn shares his powerful tactics and strategies used in professional sports to create a winning focused environment ready to carry out the company’s vision and mission.

Your Audience will learn how to:

➢ Switch from an external to an internal source of motivation.

➢ Discover the secret strategies used by high-performance athletes to get the win.

➢ Gain a deeper understanding of working as one vs. working together.

➢ Create a win-win culture centered around honoring others.

Using the P.L.A.Y Formula to Win in Life: In this talk Shawn Harper shows men and women both personally and professionally how they have been living by default, not by design. He reminds them that living the way they have been shows up as a statistic to being dead or dead broke. Shawn shares his own methodology of the winning mindset used by professional athletes and how to apply it to their business or organization.

Your Attendees will learn how to:

➢ Understand the real reason they are not achieving their goals.

➢ Uncover resistance and rejection in themselves and/or around them.

➢ Conquer goals like the pros.

➢ Turn their failures into their friends.

What You Agree To Will Make or Break You: In this talk Shawn Harper shows men and women both personally and professionally how often they fail to establish agreement with themselves on a subconscious level and why nearly 90% never end up achieving their goals, visions, and dreams. Shawn shares his tactics to achieve ‘kick-butt’ results in ambitions and goals.

Your Audience will learn how to:

➢ Discover the internal agreements that have been affecting their lives.

➢ Gain a clearer understanding of how to overcome resistance to change.

➢ Tactics and strategies to deal with rejection and self-doubt.

➢ Create agreements within themselves that leads them and others to a winning mindset.