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Congregations for Christ

We’re Bringing Churches and Business Leaders Together in Team Christ!

God has blessed C-Suite for Christ abundantly. Thousands of business leaders are associated with our organization. Dozens of chapters have sprung up all over the world.

Our goal of smashing the imaginary wall between faith and work has succeeded. It’s time to bridge another gap – the one between business executives and their churches.

Congregations across the U.S. are struggling. Attendance has dropped for decades. Many churches are in financial peril. Thousands have already closed.

Could a solution to these troubles lie in re-engaging some prominent church stakeholders: members who lead businesses? Those who have drifted, feeling a growing disconnect between the church and their daily lives?

What is Congregations for Christ?

Congregations for Christ, an initiative from C-Suite for Christ, helps clergy and church leaders reconnect with these parishioners. As an organization that consistently interacts with business executives, C-Suite for Christ understands their challenges and needs. Most sincerely seek to embrace faith-based principles.

Congregations for Christ is about strengthening the bond between these busy professionals and their faith homes.

The benefits are twofold:

  • Churches enjoy greater attendance, and participation on boards and committees by people with welcomed expertise
  • Members who felt displaced return to church, refreshed by a new emphasis on their unique spiritual needs

Congregations for Christ works with church leaders to tailor content and engagement to business leaders in their congregations. Interested in learning more? Download a brochure by clicking here.

The moment to reverse the slide of church participation has arrived. Congregations for Christ will help return a displaced group to the fold.

Why not find out how you can be part of the team … and point your congregation toward a brighter future?

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