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Everyone Has a “God Moment.” What’s Yours?

“The Lord spoke to you face to face out of the fire on the mountain.”Deuteronomy 5:4

Every Christian has The Moment. It’s a revelation, a sudden realization, of God acting in their life.

It might manifest through an unanticipated event. Or someone unexpected entering the picture. Or just a strong, undeniable gut feeling.

God might be calling them to follow Him. Or steering them toward a mission. Or, in many cases, guiding them through a tough time.

At C-Suite for Christ, we call these God Moments.

Members share them at our meetings. God Moments are powerful, transformative stories. Every one is different. All are dramatic, heartfelt and inspiring.

Every God Moment is available on the C-Suite for Christ YouTube channel (plus much, much more!). You can also hear individual stories by clicking on the videos below.

Are you a C-Suite for Christ member with a God Moment to share? Don’t wait.

Your fellow disciples are eager to hear your story of God’s life-changing power. Contact us to speak at an upcoming gathering. Tell us about your Moment – face to face, and illuminated by God’s burning fire!

Decided Excellence Catholic Media

Decided Excellence Catholic Media is a proud sponsor of C-Suite for Christ’s God Moments and the work we are continually doing in bringing God to professional settings. We’d like to thank them for their support of our ministry and invite you to check out what they’re doing in communities around the country to highlight the love of Christ as well as other business partners joined together for God. Learn more about their organization here.