Covering the World in Christ Video Series


Does life ever seem overwhelming? You’re not alone. Don’t let this world overwhelm you. Trust in the Almighty and the All-Merciful. Paul M. Neuberger believes that the best encouragement for daily living comes from the Holy Word, not the mouth of man. As founder of C-Suite for Christ, a faith-based organization for professionals, Paul takes lessons from the Bible and presents them each month in a way that’s relevant and relatable. We’ve gathered 12 of these inspirational stories and put them into this video series. Hear them. Feel them. Live them. Each is an inspiration involving pieces of daily life, the things we touch, experience and share. You’ll hear stories about family, work, church and all the other things that make life so wonderful. Most importantly, you’ll receive guidance and hope for navigating life’s sometimes rocky waters. Thank you for the opportunity to share these words of inspiration.