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Speakers Bureau

C-Suite for Christ Speakers Bureau

As a ministry, C-Suite for Christ’s mission is to boldly and unapologetically cover the world in Christ.  We do this by honoring the Great Commission and using our influence as top business executives to bring as many people to Him as possible.

With thousands of members and countless chapters being planted all over the world at lightning speed, it’s one thing to grow our organization, but it’s completely another to nurture the individuals within our organization.  

This is where you come in!

C-Suite for Christ literally needs hundreds of speakers each year for the monthly gatherings and special events that we offer.  Not only is it difficult to find great speakers generally, but it’s even harder to find great Christ-centric speakers who can educate, empower, and encourage our members specifically.

In an effort to meet the incredible demand our ministry has for talented men and women in this regard, we’re proud to announce the creation of the C-Suite for Christ’s Speakers Bureau.  This entity will consist of top-tier individuals who have been vetted by our organization and are made available to our chapters, ministries, and other subgroups.

Only individuals within the C-Suite for Christ Speaker’s Bureau are eligible to speak at our events and gatherings.  

Browse Speakers

Browse our collection of talented speakers located across the country, featuring best-selling authors, motivational speakers, and faith leaders with strong business backgrounds and book one of our speakers to elevate your next event.

Apply Today

To apply to join the C-Suite for Christ Speaker’s Bureau and be presented as an option to speak at future monthly gatherings, conferences, and special events, fill out the application here.

Should you have any specific questions, please contact Paul M. Neuberger, Founder of C-Suite for Christ, at

Presently, the demand for high-quality speakers outstrips the supply.  We’re hoping to change that, however, by bringing on board talented individuals such as yourself.

Ready to help us cover the world in Christ?

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You want to reach a large audience of top Christian business executives
  • You are on fire for Jesus Christ and want to dedicate your life to honoring the Great Commission
  • You have proprietary content and material that would bless those who desire to live for Him
  • You want to secure additional speaking gigs throughout the year
  • You are an innovative thought leader within the Christian community