Covering the World in Christ with Paul M. Neuberger Radio Show

We are thrilled to announce our new radio show, “Covering the World in Christ with Paul M. Neuberger,” Saturdays from 5 to 6 p.m. CST on WISN-AM 1130 in Milwaukee, Wis. (available worldwide via streaming)!

The new, all-original show, premiering Dec. 11, is the latest step by C-Suite for Christ to leave no stone unturned in spreading God’s love. The program aims to provide hope to a discouraged world. Its source material is the Holy Word … and nothing else.

Why WISN-AM 1130? It’s consistently a top-rated station in Milwaukee. Its on-air personalities are big, brash and unapologetic. Seems like a perfect fit!

“Covering the World in Christ with Paul M. Neuberger” will feature faith-based conversation that’s raw, emotional and authentic. Its topics, themes and messages will give God the high praise He deserves. We’ll say what others are afraid to speak. Want political correctness or cancel culture? Look elsewhere.

Catch up on the latest episodes on iHeartMedia.

Paul is excited to hear from listeners, too. E-mail me your thoughts at [email protected]. He’ll read a few messages – whether full of love or hate – each program. We’re pulling no punches, even those thrown at me.

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