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Mary Grothe

Chief Revenue Officer at PNI·HCM
Castle Rock, CO
Mary Grothe

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About Mary Grothe

At the age of 22, Mary embarked on her sales career with a Fortune 1000 company, rapidly progressing from an administrative role to becoming the company’s top sales representative. Her unwavering commitment to prioritizing customers’ needs allowed her to drive remarkable success, generating millions of dollars in revenue. This accomplishment marked a turning point in her life, enabling her to break free from a traumatic and impoverished childhood marked by abuse.

Motivated to help others achieve their goals, Mary established her first company at 28, specializing in startup business strategy for business scaling from $0 to $1M ARR. Over three years, she played a pivotal role in guiding 36 startups toward profitable scale. Yet, her intense work ethic and past wounds eventually led to a transformative wake-up call. It was during this period that she discovered Christ, met her husband, and returned to the payroll industry to rebuild her career.

After three years, her passion for scaling businesses resurfaced, leading her to establish her second company, Sales BQ®, broadening her influence from startups to businesses with annual recurring revenues ranging from $1 million to $3 million. Recognizing that concentrating solely on the sales process was no longer sufficient for successful scaling, Mary evolved Sales BQ into House of Revenue® and crafted a comprehensive revenue strategy that integrated sales, marketing, branding, customer success, and revenue operations.

Mary and her team played a pivotal role in assisting numerous second-stage growth companies with annual recurring revenues ranging from $2 million to $20 million. In January 2023, she transitioned from CEO at House of Revenue to the CRO at PNI·HCM, successfully selling House of Revenue in June 2023.

As a faith-based leader, Mary serves as an inspiration, empowering others to commit themselves to the concept of “Do Remarkable Work”. Her keynotes, podcasts, and blogs cater to Christians who yearn for deeper spiritual fulfillment, seek proper discipleship in their professional lives, and turn to her content to bridge the gap on their journey to becoming fulfilled followers of Christ, striving to integrate their faith into all aspects of their lives, both at home and in the workplace.

Without faith integration at work, many Christians become susceptible to their flesh-driven ego that worships earthly success, fame, money, titles, and recognition. Christians can fully thrive in the workplace as spirit-led, positively impacting everyone they encounter and causing a tremendous snowball effect of love and light!

Mary is an award-winning global keynote speaker, addressing topics such as sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, faith-based leadership, and the integration of faith in the workplace. Her recent publication under the prestigious Forbes | Books brand quickly became a bestseller within just three days. Mary now dedicates herself to spreading the gospel’s message through her keynotes, blogs, and podcasts, with plans to release a second book through Forbes | Books in 2025.

Speaking Topics

Career Growth, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development

Specialized Topics

Destination; Remarkable. Surviving the Dark Side of Success follows the #1 bestseller story of Mary’s life, her traumatic upbringing, the rise and fall of her successes as a #1 sales rep, Founder, CEO, and her damaging, sinful lifestyle. It includes her coming-to-Christ testimony and the learning’s from her current journey as an unapologetic faith-based business executive. This keynote is memoir-style with emotional and convicting story-telling and highlighted takeaways for the audience.

Scaling Faith is Mary Grothe’s journey of success, downfall, and redemption from early career triumphs to hitting rock bottom. Battling guilt and shame, she found solace in faith in Jesus Christ. She presents two life-changing concepts for integrating faith into the workplace. Using a physical demonstration of climbing two ladders simultaneously, she introduces the SCALE framework (Surrender, Commit, Abide, Listen, Engage) to align personal and professional life with Christian values. This keynote contains theatrical and cinematic elements with video, audio, and props. This keynote requires additional fees for travel and is typically reserved for larger audiences.