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Kyle Gabhart

Managing Partner at Bluegrass Legacy Group
Keller, TX
Kyle Gabhart

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(817) 300-8798

About Kyle Gabhart

Kyle Gabhart is a native Texan, father of six, grandfather of two, and a serial entrepreneur. Over the years he has built and sold businesses, written several books, and even designed and licensed a board game. He now serves as the Managing Partner for Bluegrass Legacy Group where his team serves entrepreneurs and business owners to help them define a legacy and pass it on to the next generation. Kyle is enthusiastic about sharing his faith and his passion for blending business and ministry. The message of his book, Legends Don’t Retire: And Neither Should You is simple: a legacy shouldn’t just be left; it should be lived.

Speaking Topics

Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation

Specialized Topics

1. Living Your Life on Purpose. (Legacies are meant to built not bought, lived not left, and shared not sheltered)

2. Is Your Net Working? (How to build effective and synergistic referral relationships)

3. Legacy by the Decades. (Living with purpose, one decade at a time)

4. The Moses Retirement Plan. (God has a purpose for you, and it doesn’t involve fishing or playing golf all day)