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November 2023 Meeting Recording

In November’s inspirational meeting, hear from several incredible members who share their experiences, their approaches to engaging with their faith and identity in Jesus in the workplace, and were encouraged to invest in ourselves as much as we do in our businesses to maintain stability. This month, we were blessed to hear from Michael Fineman about the importance of working hard and putting faith in God and the process to building a life where God was present in every aspect. Learn more from Michael about the importance of having the caregiver, cop, coach, and consultant in both your personal and professional life as he shares some personal stories from his testimony as well as the ways that he grew in his leadership abilities not only in his career, but as a father and follower of Jesus. You’ll be refreshed and revitalized with encouragement and truth from this month’s meeting.

Purchase the recording of the entire meeting, with every purchase being donated directly to support C-Suite for Christ and its mission.

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