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December 2023 Meeting Recording

In our December C-Suite for Christ meeting, hear how we encourage each other and learn from Jay Seegert, current Managing Director for the Starting Point Project an international speaker and author on the topic of Creation Science. Our meeting focuses on equipping us with the tools, skills, and courage to share our faith openly, especially during times of the year when God is more prevalent to non-believers, such as Christmas. Jay speaks with authority about how we can speak about Jesus with certainty and hope through giving us the history of our faith, real world examples, and powerful supporting scripture.

While formerly the President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee and adjunct Speaker for Creation Ministries International, Jay is currently the President of Logos Research Associations and a Speaker for the Creation Science Association of Fiji. Jay also has taken on being a Representative Speak for Ratio Christi. In all these roles, Jay brings his passion for God and his expertise in the sciences together for audiences around the world.

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