David Tyree – February Speaker

David Tyree

David TyreeDavid Tyree is known by many for making arguably the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. After building a rewarding and successful career as an NFL player, David worked for several years within the NFL in player engagement and development for the League and the New York Giants. Being a professional athlete provided him with the opportunity to be a voice to a generation that worships sports, by always keeping Jesus at the center of all he did both on and off the field.

In recent years, David has become a national speaker, entrepreneur, sports analyst, and an active member of several charities. Now more than ever, David is aware of the character disparity in our nation. He recognizes the cost of poor decisions, and the urgency for mentorship, believing that strong role models and transformative impact can lead to successful future generations. As a strong believer, David has a zealous passion for serving others and sharing the importance of remaining steadfast in the ways of Jesus Christ.

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