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Wellington Hepburn

Founder and CEO of Wellington Hepburn International (WHI)
Nassau, Bahamas
Wellington Hepburn

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About Wellington Hepburn

Wellington O. Hepburn is a Christian Senior Human Resources Leader with 24 years of business experience in the Bahamas, Canada and the United States. Mr. Hepburn is currently the Head of Training and Development for a leading offshore bank and trust in the Bahamas, where he leads strategies related to training, employee development, organizational development, leadership development, succession planning and career pathing. Prior to his current organization, Wellington also worked in numerous other fields inclusive of: Canadian Municipal Government, Economic Development, Commercial Banking, Public Accounting, Project Management, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Materials Management and Professional Public Speaking.

Mr. Hepburn is also the Founder and CEO of Wellington Hepburn International (WHI), which is an international talent management advisory company which facilitates DisruptHR Nassau, international presentations, customized corporate workshops and HR consulting advisory services worldwide. WHI provides services in Canada, the United States, the Bahamas, Malaysia, Spain, East Africa, Turks and Caicos, Europe, the British Virgin Islands, and Jamaica.

Mr. Hepburn was also the 2021 President for The Bahamas Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM). BSHRM is the national association representing all Human Resources and Talent Management Professionals in The Bahamas, of which hundreds of talent management and business individuals are impacted annually.

Wellington has earned the following designations: Global Talent Management Leader (GTML), Senior Professional of Human Resources International (SPHRi), Project Management Professional (PMP), Leadership Development and Succession Strategist (LDSS), Certified HR Manager (CHRM), Certified HR Analyst (CHRA), to name a few. Mr. Hepburn is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and a two-time book author.

Over the last fifteen years, Mr. Hepburn has earned over twenty awards for his leadership, communication, and Human Resources expertise. Some of the more noteworthy recognition’s include: 101 Most Fabulous Global Training and Development Leaders Award (World HRD Congress), Top 40 Under 40 Award (Professional Services Board of The Bahamas), Organizational Development Excellence Award (Bahamas Business and Marketing Community Association) and EXTRAordinary Black Man Award (Understanding Manhood Conference).

Wellington is also a Christian that worships with his wife and three kids at Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI), founded by the Late Dr. Myles Munroe and is currently led by Dr. David Burrows. Wellington and his wife are also Heads for The Change Agents Ministry which is a millennial focused ministry recognizing the importance of young Christian leaders to the future of the church and all spheres of society (i.e., business, education, culture, politics, finance, sports, and national development, among others).

Wellington is married to his beautiful wife Rose, and they have three children: Sienna, Myles, and Caleb.

Speaking Topics

Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

1. SEEDS OF GREATNESS: FROM GIFTING TO UPLIFTING The Seeds of Greatness presentation focuses on the power of spiritual gifts and talents in the life of a Christian believer. This workshop follows the structured lifecycle stages of a seed maturing into a tree, and illustrates how similarly God has given us gifts that require intentionality, refinement, and maturation, for us to impact the world around us. A seed is filled with the potential for exponential growth when placed in the right environment. As Christians, we must consider how are we developing our spiritual gifts and in what environments are our gifts being cultivated. With Colossians 3: 23 – 24 as the main scripture reference, this workshop will encourage all Christian believers to reflect on how they move from “gifting”, to “shifting” and ultimately “uplifting” The Kingdom of God through their talents.

2. TRANSIT10N: PROSPERING THROUGH CHANGE This presentation entitled “TRANSIT10N” highlights ten (10) life-changing lessons that I learned through anger, joy, long suffering, patience, laughter, confusion, expectation, exhaustion and many other emotions, as I waited on God to move in my life both personally and professionally. TRANSIT-10-N is a spin off the word TRANSITION, and the number 10 is inserted to illustrate the ten guiding principles that God equipped me with as I navigated monumental and unplanned for changes in my life. This presentation will encourage Christian believers to embrace change and “remain the course”, understanding that our God “works all things for our good” in the end (Romans 8: 26 – 30). Through this experience, God also led me to author my first book entitled “Cultivating An Agile Mind: R5ive Model”, which presents a 5-stage roadmap to help individuals achieve change agility and personal resilience.

3. CAREERS FOR CHRIST: KINGDOM INFLUENCE AT WORK Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a commission to share the gospel with the whole world – and this too includes our places of employment. Research shows that as professionals we can spend up to one third of our lives at work. It means that we must reflect on how we are sharing and exemplifying in a very real way The Kingdom of God in the workplace. This presentation provides ten (10) power-packed principles to provide each Christian believer with a framework to be a more impactful steward in their careers. Referencing Matthew 5: 13 – 16, this workshop identifies the characteristics of being the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” and gives practical tips to live up to God’s expectation of Christ-like impact in the workplace.