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Tommy Vento

Executive Coach, Life Architect at Good Soil Coaching LLC
Denver, CO
Tommy Vento

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About Tommy Vento

Tommy Vento is an ACC Certified Executive Coach. He attended an ICF accredited coaching school that is rooted in Neuroscience Research, offering practical techniques based on years of data. As a coach and thought partner, Tommy has a gift for helping clients uncover the root of the issue and co-creating an action plan which produces tangible results. He has worked with a wide spectrum of high achievers, including C-Suite Executives, Professional Athletes, Physicians, Corporate Managers & Directors, Actors, Teachers, and Rocket Engineers. He is a firm believer that behavior modification alone is a surface level solution, and won’t produce our desired life; through transformation and mindset shifts, we improve not only our effectiveness as a leader and difference maker, but also our experience of the journey.

Formerly a Sales Executive, Real Estate Syndicator, and Consultant, his diverse and direct experience with all manners of leadership and teamwork will help you get the most out of your coaching engagement. Tommy had success through his early academic, athletic, and professional life, and has both a keen understanding of high achievers as well as a desire to help them exceed even their loftiest goals – and as someone who burned out based on the habits & mindsets he used to employ, he has a way of delivering the tools and techniques necessary to maximize your impact while greatly improving your overall experience. His style is bold yet full of empathy, honest while being very encouraging.

Tommy was a quarterback at Michigan State University from 2011-2015, and part of the winningest senior class in program history. He was a member of the 2013 Rose Bowl, 2014 Cotton Bowl, and 2015 College Football Playoff teams, as well as the 2013 & 2015 Big Ten Championship teams. He went on to play professionally in France, leading his team to an undefeated National Championship season. Prior to this, he was a State Champion & All-State quarterback in High School, and winner of the Mr. Football award for the state of Michigan.

He lives in Colorado and is a lifelong learner, who enjoys skiing, biking, reading, movies, and time with family.

Speaking Topics

Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation

Specialized Topics

1. From HOW to WHO: the Science and Scripture of becoming the person you are meant to be, and to have the life that you desire.
2. You say you want peace, but secretly you want control… you don’t make the Seed grow – sharing my personal story of control and surrender.
3. Jesus wasn’t a Christian: helping people set down the arbitrary standards that religion tacks on to walking in Faith.