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Tim Brands

CEO of The iBusiness Group
Chanhassen, MN
Tim Brands

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About Tim Brands

Tim Brands grew up in rural Minnesota, learning at an early age the responsibilities that come with operating big equipment, caring for animals, and working hard to provide for a family.

Tim’s first professional job was being a one-person IT team for a small company during college, learning that providing quality service to and creating value for his business leaders must always be job #1.

In Tim’s first full-time job after college at a large financial services company, he learned how to work on a large team in a very structured environment and subsequent jobs brought growing responsibilities and new opportunities, including the privilege of learning this new thing called “data warehousing” that set the direction for the next 25 years of his career.

Stepping out in faith, Tim started his own company, learning how to build and lead a team, a culture, and a business, and learning what it takes to become a trusted advisor.

Tim closed that business after 16 years, learning and living the harsh reality of failure and disappointment and at the same time pressing onward, moving forward, and embracing what he had learned. While painful, the lessons learned were invaluable.

Tim went on to leadership roles in other companies, including learning to lead in a very large and complex global enterprise and how to realize big change by influencing others.

Tim and his wife, Vonda, live in Minneapolis, MN. They have been married for 36 years and have four children and 1 grandchild. They are members of Wooddale Church, a large multi-campus church, where Tim has been privileged to serve on the Board of Elders and lead Wooddale’s short-term missions trip to Guatemala for the past 10 years.

Tim has seen God work powerfully in the highs and lows of his personal, professional, and spiritual lives, with each step in the journey being preparation for what God was calling him to next.

All of these lessons learned are culminating into what Tim believes God is calling him to next: to use his platform as a fractional and interim executive, executive coach, speaker, and author to enable the next generation of business leaders to honor God by standing for truth and wisdom in the workplace.

Speaking Topics

Business & Finance, Career Growth, Communication, Professional Development, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

1. Wisdom over Skills, a Biblical approach to hiring wisely in a woke and cancel culture.
2. Working Genius, helping individuals, leaders, and teams leverage each other’s God-given strengths and understand how to be both productive and fulfilled at work, as a certified facilitator from The Table Group.
3. Doing Data and IT Right, moving from frustrations and failures to successes and returns on investment in smaller companies running on EOS traction to multi-national enterprises.