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Patrick Yanke

Owner of Yanke Academy, LLC
Raleigh, NC

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About Patrick Yanke

Why do people and organizations fail? Ultimately, failure is the result of a loss of vision. What animated the inception of new ideas tends to fade over time… but does it have to? Is there a way to keep perspective during dry daily routines or difficult situations?

Discover simple strategies for self-management that inspire leadership, focus production, and generally improve quality of life. Identify the fears that hold us back and harness intentional love.

Patrick has always been rules-oriented… people and organizations should work as they were intended. His observations are the result of a lifetime of experience and passionate research. His professional life has spanned public and private sectors; military and civilian cultures; spiritual and temporal matters. In all of them, one key focus is important: “remember who you serve.” Most problems in this world would disappear if we would just keep our ultimate purpose foremost in our minds… service beyond ourselves.

The challenge is recognizing who is served in every decision. At the root of every decision is the “why” that inspires positive outcomes.

Patrick Yanke is a military veteran with experience in both the US Army and Air Force, a successful entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and specialist on decision-making processes. He explores universal traits of character and leadership.

He is active as a lecturer in the Knights of Columbus, member of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh, and active with veterans organizations. He is a past state president of the Air Force Association, current president of the Air Force Academy Society of NC, and he sits on the Industry Advisory Panel for the American Public University System.

Patrick is the author of “The Personal Rosary” and a co-author of “Cracking the Rich Code, Vol 10”.

Speaking Topics

Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

1. The Virtues as a Way of Life

2. Servant Leadership: Leadership by Christ’s Example

3. Our Deepest Motivations: Understanding What Drives Us

4. Rosary Missions: Living the Example of Christ and His Mother