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Michael Fineman

Founder of The Dad Link
Stuart, FL

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About Michael Fineman

When you meet Michael, he will tell you that he is a Father first, then a Faith-Based Motivational Speaker and Guide.
Michael’s passion radiates and his contagious attitude and joy-filled spirit invites his audience to join him on a transformational journey leading people to discovering their identity in Christ and their purpose in life, and how to apply those lessons to their businesses, careers, and employees.

Speaking Topics

Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Family, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

The 4 Roles of Leadership: This keynote helps leaders discover the parallels of leadership and parenting, and how the similarities enable leaders to gain trust, and loyalty with their teams. Michael shares how to simplify employee relations leading to better employee retention while helping to motivate your team to perform at their highest.

The Dad Link: This keynote explores and invites others to join as Michael shares his challenging experiences in life as a child, leading him to wanting to become the best father he could be. He invites the audience to join him on his journey leading them to discovering how they too can become the best Dads they can be! Michael shares how in order to become a great father, one must first become a good son. This applies to the home with both married or single Moms & Dads that want to raise their children with excellence!

Maximize the Moments: “How to Win at Work Without Losing at Home” = This Keynote uncovers the truth behind the old saying, “It’s lonely at the top”. Michael understands that high level C-Suite leaders have a massive workload and a huge amount of responsibility. So how do we balance that without having our families get the short end of the stick? Michael shares his own personal challenges and how he has helped numerous friends and colleagues find a balance that ensures that your family gets the best of you by maximizing the moments, without sacrificing the time required to build your company!