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Macoy Flanagan

Owner and Operator of American Land Tailor
Greeley, CO

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About Macoy Flanagan

As a former NCAA Collegiate Wrestler, Macoy Flanagan knows he is alive today by the powerful grace of God Almighty after suffering a dangerous injury on the mat. It is this testimony that speaks of God’s mercy, grace, and love on full display in his life through circumstances of injury, heartbreak, and substance abuse. But God chose to save him and continues to redeem his purpose every day.

Macoy absolutely loves to speak and present in front of people and feels an exhilaration and excitement when presenting on something that is true and dear to his soul: the grace and sufficiency of our Lord.

Macoy has had many opportunities to speak and declare the Gospel to unbelievers and is unashamed of his passion for Christ. Teaching others, through testimony, how surrendering to God’s will and purpose of their lives is the best thing they can do for themselves is what makes Macoy a powerful speaker. Boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus is something he delights in.

Speaking Topics

Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation

Specialized Topics

1. In His Likeness – we have been formed with the ability to to think, to create, to choose, and to actualize ideas.
2. Satisfaction – God is the ultimate satisfying treasure
3. Laboring for the Kingdom – only two things will pass from this life: God’s Word and people