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Jerry Howard

President of iNTREPiD iMPACT Team
Richmond, VA

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About Jerry Howard

Jerry Howard began his professional career soon after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, by volunteering in the United States Marine Corps. While on active duty, he completed his bachelor’s degree and obtained an MBA in Marketing from National University in San Diego, CA. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in I/O Psych at Liberty University.

He is the founder and managing consultant at iNTREPiD iMPACT Team, a faith driven leadership and business consulting agency serving the mid-Atlantic region and specializes in using Christian principles to equip leaders with tools to fight for the highest possible good of those they lead. Jerry loves being a part of God’s Special Forces by bringing faith to the marketplace, the nation’s largest mission field.

Jerry is a Christian speaker, author, and has been featured in multiple veteran’s journals published by the VA War Memorial and in two Christian anthologies by EA Books. His latest work, titled “S.O.A.R. – From Jail Cells to the C-Suite” uses storytelling to empower leaders to partner with God to overcome any circumstance with an easy to deploy process. Jerry is the producer and host of a YouTube Channel, iNTREPiD iMPACT Leadership, which sits at the intersection of Faith, Leadership, and Business, and believes they are as inseparable as Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Prior to consulting, Jerry has bought and merged multiple small businesses, is a Class A VA Contractor and as an executive, was a Board-Certified Healthcare Administrator operating multiple post-acute hospitals across the state of Virginia. Jerry has been married for over 20 years, has four beautiful children and lives in Virginia. He enjoys active sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking and boxing. To recharge, he finds no greater joy than spending time with family and practicing his Christian faith.

Speaking Topics

Career Growth, Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

Executive Team Performance: Learning to S.O.A.R. in Business and Life by Being a Leader Worth Following. Learn to S.O.A.R. and win the race God set before you! No more white knuckles and fake smiles. Experience the joy of the Lord knowing how to bring your best! It takes discipline and courage to succeed and rise above circumstances, especially when everything in front of you says, FAILURE.

Team Relational Dynamics: Cracking the communication code will transform your way of reaching your family, friends and colleagues and bring your ministry to the next level! Are you receiving what I’m transmitting? Are you transmitting what I need to receive? There are power dynamics, defaults, and deadlines that clutter, confuse and complicate communication. But the code has been cracked! There are 5 ways we communicate, one is the least desired, one is the most sought after, and we all have tendencies that make us think everyone else is crazy.

Personal Peace for Leaders: Strengthening Your Full Armor of God to Overcome the PTSD of Life. In the Marines we are kept lean and mean. But not just to be aggressive. If we get too big, our gear doesn’t fit, and we become ineffective warfighters. If we become too weak, we can’t carry our share of the load and our unit suffers. Spiritual warfare takes the same level of daily spiritual training. God has a suit of armor that is perfectly sized to your spirit. But does it fit? Is it too big? Have you not done the spiritual exercises it takes to grow in your faith to lift the shield? Or is your armor too small? Are you carrying around the baggage of yesterday? Is your armor gaping wide open and revealing to the enemy all the kinks, cracks and gaps in your faith? Learning daily spiritual training rhythms will build your faith muscles and keep you lean and mean to fight off the fire arrows of the enemy!