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Jenani Paul

President of Digital Consultants Canada Inc.
Stouffville, Ontario

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About Jenani Paul

Jenani Paul, also known as Jen, is a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing individuals and businesses have a successful online presence. Jen has professionally consulted for almost 20 years on multi-million dollar projects for large corporations on sales strategies, new business projects, and various technology applications.

Jen understands that many business owners have experienced frustration, and wasted time and money, to develop a professional online presence. Many business owners also do not have the technical skills to develop a professional online presence. Business owners should not have to waste time and feel overwhelmed to create a professionally reputable online presence to create new leads.

Jen’s company, Digital Consultants, exists to walk alongside business owners to ensure business owners’ digital marketing message is always clear, professional, and on the most current technology platform.

Speaking Topics

Business & Finance, Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Professional Development, Servant Leadership, Teamwork

Specialized Topics

1. Leading with Love: The Christ-Centered Approach to Employee Engagement
2. Christ at the Center of Decision-Making
3. Joy in the Journey: Finding Happiness in Christ at Work