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Danielle Bernock

CEO of 4F Media
Shelby Township, MI

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About Danielle Bernock

Danielle Bernock is a childhood trauma survivor who turned her pain into purpose as an international, award-winning author, dynamic speaker, host of Victorious Souls Podcast, trauma-informed self-love coach, and founder of 4F Media. Her energy, authenticity and humor help others feel validated and empowered to embrace the change from survive to thrive.

For years Danielle has been helping men, women, and organizations EMERGE with a clear vision of their value, TAKE ownership of their choices, and CHART a path to their promise, becoming Victorious Souls who embrace the change from survive to thrive, through the power of the love of God using her proven process S.E.L.F. Her mantra is “love yourself from survive to thrive” and she’s known as “that lady on the internet who loves you.” A long time follower of Christ, Danielle enjoys life with her husband Michael, in Michigan, near their adult children and grandchildren. Her books include: Emerging With Wings, A Bird Named Payn, Love’s Manifesto, Because You Matter and Taco ‘Bout Your Value.

It was at a young age that Danielle’s walk with the Lord began, but trauma made a mess of it. Steeped in pain, and without support, her life spiraled out of control. But God understood her pain and pursued her with His love, bringing her back to Himself, and healing her heart. He has commissioned her to share the love she’s come to know, and empower others to embrace their God-given greatness.

Speaking Topics

Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation

Specialized Topics

Dare To Believe
Mental Health as a Result of Trauma – Trauma-Informed S.E.L.F.
Calming Your S.E.L.F. – How to Effectively Deal with Anxiety, Worry, and Fear