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Dan Hughes

President and CEO of Peak Saftey Solutions, Inc.
Reelsville, IN

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About Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes has been an active health and safety professional and emergency responder since 1984, working all over the world to create, implement, and oversee industrial safety programs.
Mr. Hughes started his career at a petrochemical facility as a Fire and Safety Specialist. During his 15-year career at the 180,000-barrel-per-day oil refinery and adjacent chemical plant, he worked his way up from laborer and process unit operator to Fire and Safety Representative, Hazardous Materials Specialist, FirefighterEMT and Rescue Technician. It was here that he learned the importance of proper health and safety oversight in the workplace.
After being laid off from the California petrochemical facility, Mr. Hughes started a safety and emergency response consulting business, gaining experience in surface mining, new industrial construction, and demolition. He also worked with contractors to provide quality safety and health training.

In 2001, Parsons hired Dan to complete a turnkey construction job in Lynnwood Washington. Dan later transferred to Newport Indiana to support and oversee a new construction project. As the Lead Senior Safety Specialist for the construction, systemization, operations, decontamination and closure of the Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (2001-2009), Mr. Hughes worked closely with program managers and workers to safely remove the nerve agent VX from the facility and remediate the site to its natural state.

Upon successful completion of the Newport project in 2010, Mr. Hughes joined the Parsons Home Station Military Operations in Urban Terrain (HSMOUT) contract as the program Health and Safety Manager. In this capacity, he has created and implemented multiple health and safety plans, preventing lost-time injuries, and reducing client costs. HSMOUT was awarded the National Safety Council Perfect Record Award 5 years in a row.

In 2012, Parsons assigned Mr. Hughes as the Sector HSE Manager for the Mission Support and Services Sector of the I&E Division in PGS. This position allows him to implement safety programs and safety training to multiple program managers, the Sector Manager, and the Global Business Unit Safety Director.
Mr. Hughes was the original Program Safety Manager for the Antarctic Infrastructure and Modernization for Science (AIMS) program at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. He was overseeing health and safety procedures as the National Science Foundation (NSF) facility is updated and modernized.

In addition to his other long-term projects, Mr. Hughes has volunteered to take two short-term positions with Parsons. His first assignment was a five-week mission to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010. He worked closely with local authorities to safely recover and repatriate the bodies of 66 Americans under a NAVFAC Global Contingency contract at the direction of the US State Department. His second voluntary position was in 2013-2014 to be on the Libyan Chemical Weapons Destruction Program as the HSE Manager in country. Additionally, Mr. Hughes acted as the HSE Manager for a corporate sponsored assignment to work with Bridges to Prosperity for a ten-day operation building a 40-meter suspension bridge in Panama in 2017.

Mr. Hughes most recently served Parsons Federal Missile Defense and C5ISR Markets as the Market Safety, Health, and Environmental Director. Dan has extensive experience working on EM 385 job sites and overseeing Army Corps of Engineers projects as recently as 2017-2021.
Mr. Hughes retired from Parsons after 21 years of service in February of 2022.

Mr. Hughes is a Board of Certified Safety Professionals Certified Safety Professional, Associate Safety Professional (expired), Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician, Construction Safety and Health Technician. Mr. Hughes has an OSHA 30 Certificate. He is a Columbia Southern University Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager, Certified Health, and Safety Manager, and he earned a certificate in Fire Protection in June of 2016. Mr. Hughes is also a California State certified Firefighter, Rescue Technician, and Hazardous Materials Specialist. Dan has a Master of Science and a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University. Dan is a veteran of the US Army, Vietnam Era with six years of active-duty service.

Speaking Topics

Business & Finance, Career Growth, Faith & Encouragement, Professional Development

Specialized Topics

1. Safety as a core value and why it is the Christian thing to do.
2. Integrity in your personal life and how it can affect your business.
3. The call of God in your life; I think this does not mean what you think it means!