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Bruce Pulver

Founder and President of Pulver Performance Services
Atlanta, GA
Bruce Pulver

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(404) 273-8334

About Bruce Pulver

Bruce is a blessed husband and father of two daughters. He brings to every speaking engagement his thirty-year career in client management and large complex sales within the healthcare technology industry professional. He also brings his unwavering understanding of the love and grace of Jesus Christ which he received on the day he was born. He says “God showed up on my opening day when I literally broke my mother’s heart during her labor when she had a near fatal aneurysm of her aortic artery”. He has embraced this blessing and dedicated his life to developing his GIFTS (God Installed Features To Share) to help countless others get on the path to become all God intends us to be. It all starts through understanding and activating the power in the words we use.
Known globally as “The WORD Guy”, Bruce shares his business and life experiences as the best-selling author of “Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter”, a global TedX and keynote speaker, the co-host of both the “Can I Have A Word With You?” and “Getting Out Of The Boat” podcasts, and innovative “WORDshop” leader. His purpose is to help others harness the power and impact of their words to create healthy, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and actions, and ultimately to live the positive expectant life God wants for all of us. His message has touched the lives of millions of individuals, hundreds of companies, and communities on multiple continents and dozens of countries.

As part of his global speaking initiative and “WORD” shop engagements, Bruce commits additional time and he books in the cities he speaks by finding community organizations where he can go to speak and serve the needs of the under-served. Through this work, over 3,500 books and hundreds of hours have been shared with hospitals, homeless shelters, trafficking and exploitation recovery organizations, students, churches, orphanages, libraries, and more. Working with Bruce gives C-Suite for Christ organizations wide and impactful reach with each engagement he delivers.

Speaking Topics

Business & Finance, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development, Servant Leadership

Specialized Topics

1. “Our Words are a Sword – Just move the ‘S'”.
The power of our words has an absolute impact on our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, actions, and ultimately our outcomes. How we speak with ourselves and with others (with Christian-centered choices) impacts our relationships and demonstrates our commitment to living the life that God intends us to live with the gifts he has instilled in us.

2. “Creating a Sustainable Growth Business Culture Using the CIA Methodology”.
Commit to the Commitment, Incremental Improvement, and Active Accountability skills are taught, shared, and activated with audiences with interactive engagement. Participants learn how to turn Resolutions into ReAL solutions and how to create habits that become lifestyle transformations. Simple? Yes! Easy? No. Doable? ABSOLUTELY!

3. “The Challenge of CHANGE – Moving from Woe is Me to WOW is HE!”
Change is inevitable. How we deliberately and faithfully lean on our faith to navigate the change is our choice. In this program, Bruce challenges audiences with the question: Are you willing to do a jigsaw puzzle without having the boxtop? How do we lean into change without having control of the outcome? It takes FAITH (Facing Anything Insurmountable Trust Him) without seeing and action without seeing. Bruce shares times in his life when he was forced to lean on his faith, compelled to work on the puzzle without the final picture. The takeaway is a powerful perspective on dealing with change. We can either say Can’t Handle Another Negative Gut-wrenching Experience or say Circumstances Have Altered Now Get Engaged. Learn on to make a new choice.