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Anitha Panicker

Founder & CEO of Growth Goat, LLC
Houston, TX

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About Anitha Panicker

Anitha is a healthcare executive, a renowned thought leader and leadership coach known for her transformative work among corporate teams using her Culturally Intelligent & People-Centric leadership principles. Her recent TEDx talk titled “Executive Presence Isn’ What You Think” rapidly gained momentum, connecting with audiences worldwide. A sought-after keynote speaker, her down-to-earth communication style and inspiring storytelling make her a favorite among audiences. She empowers leaders and teams to embrace authenticity and to seek out the underdogs in their industries.

Drawing on her diverse experience leading teams in maximum-security prisons to prestigious academic healthcare institutions, Anitha challenges outdated leadership paradigms and biases. Anitha is also the CEO & Founder of Growth Goat, LLC and the author of the upcoming book The Power of Being a Nobody. The core principle of Anitha’s leadership academy, Growth GOAT, is prioritizing God Over All Else (GOAT) to help teams and clients achieve growth. Anitha’s passion for culture transformation fuels her ongoing doctoral research in leadership and organizational change at Baylor University. Her dissertation titled “Mean Girls Club” is a case study on the perceptions of social influences and incivility among female leaders in corporate America, will be published in December of 2024. Her unique leadership approach prioritizes people above all else, particularly recognizing and championing for marginalized groups of people within organizations, and high-performing clients who often go unnoticed. Anitha resides in Houston with her husband, three children, and beloved pup.

Speaking Topics

Business & Finance, Career Growth, Communication, Faith & Encouragement, Personal Growth & Motivation, Professional Development

Specialized Topics

1. Embracing Adversity: Unveiling the Power of Human Resilience

2. Awakening Purpose at Work: Embracing Childhood Dreams for Professional Contentment

3. Harnessing Cultural Intelligence: Igniting Collective Wisdom for Collaboration