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Fall '24 Savior Summit

Tuesday, Oct. 15 - Thursday Oct 17, 2024

Mount Mary University
2900 Menomonee River Pkwy
Milwaukee, WI 53222

Tuesday evening: Reception to meet, and reconnect with fellow attendees

Wednesday: Prayer breakfast followed by professional development modules led by members of the C-Suite for Christ Speakers Bureau

Thursday: Morning keynote presentation by an internationally-recognized Christian speaker who’s making big things happen, followed by fellowship lunch

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with Keynote Speaker

Demi Leigh-Tebow

Summit Speakers & Topics

We’ve gathered top business executives, critically acclaimed speakers, and inspiring leaders from across the country.

Accordion Content

Bruce PulverKnown as “the WORD Guy” Bruce Pulver speaks on the power of our words and the undeniable impact on our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, actions, and ultimately our outcomes. How we speak with ourselves and with others (with Christian, growth-centered choices) impacts our relationships and demonstrates our commitment to living the life that God intends us to live with the gifts he has instilled in us.

During his engaging and interactive session attendees will become armed and activated to see and use their own words to go out in the world to make a greater impact in their businesses, to grow their relationships and along their faith walk.

Learn more about Bruce Pulver

Allen Ruppel“Matthew: 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Co-Founder and President of the Unity in Hope School System and Community Center, in Islamabad Pakistan, Allen Ruppel will share how principles and lessons learned ministering to the whole person in a 98% Islamic society can assist leaders in facing the dangers and difficulties of boldy sharing the Gospel in their lives.

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If business success is about opportunity, so too is success in leadership – about the chance to heal the world through living as an example of courage. Seemingly our world is more hurt, confused, and conflicted than ever. True leadership is about leveling up the humans we lead at home, in our communities, and at work. Leadership based on authenticity and connection around the imperfections that make us unique can be shared with those we lead. In sharing our true selves with those around us, they see courage as a living example and can also model and perpetuate for those they lead.

Learn more about Jeff Giagnocavo

Jim SoreboPositivity is getting lost in today’s crazy world.
Jim will share how his Positivity Saved his life and could save yours as well!!

Jim will deliver a Positivity Workout, that will change how you start your day!

How and why he will focus you to “Never give up and Never Ever Quit.”

How a Positive Mental Attitude can actually increase your Life Expectancy and allow you to fight stress and other related diseases.

Jim delivers on how positivity helped him become the top sales person nationally 10x his career and how you can achieve your goals too!

Finally, the “6 Positivity Fundamentals” and how they will help change your life!!

Whether it’s with family matters or business, having the right attitude is a difference maker.

Learn more about Jim Sorebo

Luis and Rebekah SharpeNumerous studies have shown the prevalence of stress among executives due to considerable pressure in the ever evolving and ultra competitive business world. Stewarding influence over organizations, stakeholders, and employees can have considerable impact on the mind. In fact, according to a Deloitte study, over 60% of individuals in what are considered executive positions reported feelings of high stress and anxiety on a regular basis.

The All Pro Duo will take the stage to share their unique vantage point on how to leverage scriptures like Philippians 4:8 and 2 Corinthians 10:5 to unleash the power God has given us to renew our minds and live in transcendent peace – particularly in the face of competing business priorities and peak performance expectations.

As we use real life examples from Luis’ highly decorated football career and Rebekah’s navigation of the corporate world with grace and grit, we will not only inform, but also inspire; leaving the audience with practical tools to implement in their daily lives in order to realize these trajectory transforming ideas.

Learn more about Luis and Rebekah Sharpe

Lee ParteeIn this speech, I’ll share how my faith provided hope during the most challenging moments of my life. Drawing from my experiences in federal prison, I will discuss the role of religion in guiding me through adversity and how it continues to inspire my business decisions.

Learn more about Lee V Partee

This Keynote uncovers the truth behind the old saying, “It’s lonely at the top”. Michael understands that high level C-Suite leaders have a massive workload and a huge amount of responsibility. So how do we balance that without having our families get the short end of the stick? Michael shares his own personal challenges and how he has helped numerous friends and colleagues find a balance that ensures that your family gets the best of you by maximizing the moments, without sacrificing the time required to build your company!

Learn more about Michael Fineman.

Lisa Marie PlatskeThis eye-opening presentation on Chaos in Reverse will have you look at leadership with a whole new perspective. Learn how to navigate uncertainty with confidence, drive innovation with a fresh mindset, and lead with newfound enthusiasm about your Divine mission and purpose. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your daily approach to leadership – and unlock the secrets to thriving in today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape.

Learn more about Lisa Marie Platske.

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