Marketing Committee
This group is responsible for getting the word out about C-Suite for Christ and coming up with creative, engaging, effective means of connecting with Christian business executives all across Wisconsin.  Whether it be via social media, events, or other creative modalities, this collection of members is tasked with calling attention to our group in an effort to not only increase awareness, but swell our membership ranks in the process.

Membership Committee
It’s the primary mission of this group to vet prospective members of the group to ensure that high-quality, God fearing, value driven men and women are identified, recruited, and admitted into C-Suite for Christ.  In addition to the recruitment of new members, this collection of individuals is also responsible for the retention of current members by paying attention to their needs and ensuring that we are delivering high value to these folks on an ongoing, regular basis.

Mission Committee
This group is tasked with coming up with ways to take what is being taught and discussed during the gatherings of C-Suite for Christ and sharing it with the rest of the world, namely through volunteering, community service, missionary work, or other external facing modalities.  Our ability to evangelize and bring others to Christ is of the utmost importance to our organization and this collection of individuals is on the forefront of doing just that.

Ministry Committee
It’s the primary mission of this group to identify speakers to address the C-Suite for Christ members at our monthly meetings and work with them to come up with topics and programming that our membership will find of value.  Additionally, it is this collection of individuals who draft our Mission and Vision Statements and ensure that, in everything we do, our organization is being true to our purpose, our members, and all those whose lives we are impacting on a daily basis.

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