Jay Seegert – April Speaker

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Jay has a passion for helping Christians strengthen their faith, while also offering a gracious challenge to the sincere skeptic.
-Keynote Speaker and Managing Director for The Starting Point Project (TheStartingPointProject.com)
-International speaker and author
-Holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology (Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater & John Brown University, respectively)
-Serves on Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates
-Speaker for the Creation Science Association of Fiji
-Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi
-Former adjunct speaker for Creation Ministries International
-Former President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee
-Has been speaking on the Authority of Scripture for over 35 years.
-Married 28 years (Wife: Amy)
-Two married children: Son (Taylor), Daughter (Tori)
-Lives in Wisconsin (USA)

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