Jay English – October Speaker

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Plain English was built on the vision of Jay English, who loves bringing people together, helping them get to know each other, and then digging deep into discussions on issues of race and culture. Jay has more than 20 years of experience in human resources, marketing, and pastoring, but what sets him apart is his heart for people and his hunger for unity.

As the founder of the national Kneel For Nine movement, & creator of the Cross-Cultural Literacy Program, he is recognized as having a proven track record of developing strong leaders, constructing cohesive teams, and building ministries & departments from the ground up. In addition to his work with PLAIN ENGLISH, Jay & his wife (Sonia) also serve as Co-Pastors of a multi-cultural congregation at Journey Church Beach Park located in the Lake County, Illinois.

In this month’s message, our focus is on the call God has on our lives to share our faith in our workplace. This is important because throughout our lives, one of the places we spend the most amount of our time, and have the most opportunities for Kingdom impact, is actually at work. During our time together, we’ll dive into Colossians 4 and learn four simple ways to share our faith without losing our job in the process!

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