Member Corner – John Schultz

 In Member Corner

John has a strong belief that God has a plan for each of us. While his path to join C-Suite for Christ has had some interruptions, he’s excited to be joining! The Better Business Bureau was one of his consulting clients which presented an opportunity for him to attend one of C-Suite’s meetings. He really enjoyed the message and met some great people. Unfortunately, a new professional opportunity involving a great deal of travel diverted his plans to join, for the time being. He’s been presented yet another curveball with an upcoming move out of state but sees God’s influence at work and is sending in his membership!

John shared these thoughts: “Paul is a gifted communicator and so many of his messages resonate with me. I was initially attracted to those messages and the ability to share faith and beliefs in the C-Suite for Christ platform. I appreciate that Pastor Joel is involved and supports the group, too. There are so many good people in this group and the energy after the meetings is so positive. I like that we have this platform to share our common beliefs. I just knew I had to be involved!”


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