God Is On The Move – April 2020

 In God Is On The Move

Were you at the first C-Suite for Christ gathering in December 2018? Around 35 followers of Jesus attended.

Just 18 months later, our meetings have grown to as many as 150 disciples. More than 500 business executives are affiliated with our organization. Our LinkedIn page has more than 4,600 followers.

Think God isn’t at work, bringing people together to further His purposes?

C-Suite for Christ has obviously met a need. This is God’s hand at work. We’re just His instruments – nothing more.

How has God guided us?

  1. C-Suite for Christ has merged faith and the business community in an intimate fashion. God has entered the workplace and is here to stay.
  2. C-Suite for Christ is rooted in evangelism. Our members don’t hide. They’re proud, and vocal, about Whom they serve. They’re unafraid to bring Christ-centered conversation into the business environment.

True, numbers mean something. Bold action, which C-Suite for Christ members have repeatedly demonstrated, means more. Our mission is to bring God into every corner of our lives. Let’s never lose trust in Him as we keep moving forward.

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