Who is in your Cockpit of Life by Josh Kaurich

 In Witness

Image of Josh Kaurich who was speaker at november meeting. Everyday you are on an adventure in life fulfilling God’s plans for you.  But do yo clearing hav defined who you have in your cockpit and who is at mission control?  Knowing who is in your life and helping you fulfill all aspect of it is extremely important. Especially when we dare to dream big and ask God to lead is on our paths.  In this session, Josh talked about he looks to the people in his cockpit to help in his walk with God.  We explored questions such as what do you dream about or have visions of for your life (think big), how can dreaming impact your business?, and who is in your cockpit and your mission control room.

Josh Kaurich serves as a principal for Verita Energy, a company mind focused on energy savings best practices and a heart towards philanthropy.  Josh also serves at his church and devotes his extra time to counseling and encouraging friends and peers on an individual basis. He has an amazing fellow dreamer, wife, and best friend named Jenny. They have been married for 11 years and have three kids named Isla (8), Alaina (6), and Ian (2). You can contact Josh via email at [email protected] or via phone at (608) 333-6080.


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