God’s Calling in the Workplace with Richard Coffey

 In Witness

The RightNow Media @ Work team has captured the story of David Green and his family whose faith put Hobby Lobby in front of the Supreme Court. David Green wasn’t called into ministry, but always felt like God had him in the workplace for a reason. The Green family has spent decades caring for their employees and listening to God’s calling to connect their faith and work. Through staying faithful to God through trial and threat of losing their business, they were able to not only stand up for Religious freedom, but also lead the way for Christians across the country to shine the light of Christ inside of their companies.

Richard began his career with RightNow Media two years ago by calling churches, he has since transitioned to RightNow Media @ Work ministry where he travels throughout the Midwest. He is helping Christian led businesses connect their faith and work by equipping them to minister to their employees and live on mission where God has them.  To get in contact with email him at [email protected] or call him at (936) 870-6773.

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