What is Prayer? by Pastor Andre Atwater

 In Prayer

Paster Andrae Atwater talked with the group about Prayer and why it is so vital to our everyday lives.  We deeply explored questions such as:  Do you have a healthy relationship with God?  Can faith in God be a substitute for Prayer? What are the requirements for an effective prayer? How can prayer improve the quality of your personal and professional life?

Pastor Atwater is a man of God, evangelist, a charismatic leader, and a visionary. His mission is to fulfill the answered call of God on his life through proclaiming God’s uncompromising Word. He has been pastoring and evangelizing in the city of Milwaukee, WI for 17 years. He is the founder and pastor of Christian Hope Ministry, a ministry that is patterned on a four-point plan called CORE: Community, Outreach, Resource and Education; with the foundation being Christ centered.

You can reach Pastor Atwater via email at [email protected] or by calling 262-682-1290.

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